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The IZWE Scholarship Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the scholarship for free?
Yes, it is completely free!
What costs does the scholarship cover?
The scholarship covers tuition fees and prescribed course text books
Will the scholarship pay for my accommodation, food and transport?
No, the scholarship does NOT cover these, you must provide proof that you can sustain yourself during your studies.
Who selects the scholarship recipients?
An independent scholarship Board of qualified persons decides on a shortlist presented to it by an Independent Review Company and their decision is final.
Can continuing students apply?
Yes, but they must be in their 1st year of a tertiary programme
Can children of private workers apply?
No, the scholarships are for children of parent(s)/guardian(s) in public service only
Can I apply, even if I completed school before 2012?
Yes, provided you did not complete before 2011 and you are not older than 22 years old
Will the scholarship cover the entire duration of my education?
Yes, the scholarship will cover the minimum period necessary to complete a beneficiary's chosen course of study
Can I apply if I haven't yet received my admission letter?
Yes, but an award of scholarship is subject to proof of admission into a tertiary programme in a public tertiary institution
Why is a parent(s)/guardian(s) payslip required?
As proof that your parent(s)/guardian(s) is in public service
What type of ID I should use?
National ID, Voter's ID, National Health ID, Driver's license
What happens after I submit my form?
All application forms will go through a selection process. You will be contacted via the contact details you provided on your application form, if your application is successful